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It's time to educate Indians on sign language. But this can cause a negative impact on the Indian Deaf community and those who learn ISL. For example, I conducted fieldwork (–) that documented use of Plains Indian Sign Language (PISL) among both deaf and hearing Indians from several Indian. As per the Census, the total population of deaf persons in India numbered about 50 lakh. The needs of the deaf community have long been ignored and the. To promote the use of Indian Sign Language as educational mode for deaf students at primary, secondary and higher education levels. Plains Indian Sign Language (PISL), also known as Plains Sign Talk, Plains Sign Language and First Nation Sign Language, is a trade language, formerly trade. Though millions of Indians are deaf or have limited hearing, sign language instruction and accessibility remains a rarity. Plains Indian sign language (PISL), system of fixed hand and finger positions symbolizing ideas, the meanings of which were known to the majority of the. Pah-se-to-pah, one of the most colorful members of the Osage tribe, was both deaf and mute. He is described as an Indian man, in his late fifties. As students in my middle school social studies classes examined American Indian and Deaf boarding schools at the turn of the 20th century and began to. tion of American Indian Sign Language (AISL), which is considered an endangered language variety. It reports recent findings from the.

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